I truly believe that not only do you deserve beautiful images to hang on your wall, but also images to pass down to the generations that follow.

Could you imagine having an entire album of your Great Grandparent’s wedding day? How they looked at each other? What kind of flowers your Great Grandmother chose? Did she even have flowers? Was it a big church wedding? Did they elope?

You could relive that moment as if you were there with them, and as a photographer, this has become my focus. To hone in on those moments that you won’t want to forget in years to come. It’s not just for you to have a gorgeous portrait, but to relive the moment you walked down the aisle with your grandkids while showing them your album in years to come.

Giving these moments, frozen in time, is one of the greatest gifts you can give to the next generation, and I wouldn’t trade being a part of that for anything.

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