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The Latest News | Toni Jay Photography

The Latest News | Toni Jay Photography


I’m so happy it’s GREEN outside!! I took the photo above just a couple of days ago during a family shoot. Makes me swoon! Facebook ‘kindly’ reminded me that it had been several months since I updated all my followers. Whoops. Thanks, Facebook, thanks. I’m still kicking over here, and starting yet another busy year for Toni Jay Photography! And not just busy because this is the first year with TWO kids! 🙂 So, I thought it was time to come out of hiding and update everyone on what in the world is going on!

Full disclosure, when things start to pick up and get busy, whether it be with business or home life, social media is the first thing to go. Why? It really brings me little to no joy in comparison to other things in life. I like being able to see what’s going on with my friends and family, but taking the time to share business stuff because “I’m supposed to in order to get business” sucks me dry, and frankly, I haven’t found that to be true!! In fact, this year is already looking like it’s going to be busier than the last couple years combined…and I’ve posted the least. So…there ya go. Sidenote, this post will be complete with mom iPhone photos, because I’m that person outside of my career, lol.

Anyway, in November we welcomed Kate into our family! She’s as pure as gold and sweet as sugar, and William either ignores her or talks nonstop to her while calling her “babe.” Cue—melted heart. She’s hit a couple rough patches these first 5 months, landing us at Riley’s Children’s Hospital last week to rerun a few tests that came back abnormal. Long story short, tests showed something that could either be a minor vitamin deficiency, or a serious genetic metabolic disorder. We will know more this week. The specialist we met with was very confident this was not something serious, but something that has already worked it’s way out, and we are believing that, too! This is Kate 24/7…


So smiley. We have been going to the beach, planning out some camping trips with our camper (EEEEKKKK!!!! SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT!!!!) and I’ve just been soaking up the time I have with these kids in-between nap time, planning the year, sending emails, booking sessions, shooting sessions, and editing!! I’ve still been purging things in my attempt to live life fuller with less stuff, but also feel like I’m filling my house with MORE stuff! But I keep reminding myself that the things I’ve been purchasing have been for our camper traveling beach home 😉 So that doesn’t count right?

Aside from family life and business life, here’s what I’m learning:

Life is sweet.

Life is short.

Time does not stand still.

And I’m learning to harness my talents and time toward something greater than just myself and who I want to be, but who I was created to be.

I have a feeling that won’t make life easy, but will sure make it richer.

I adore all of you who I’ve had the honor of shooting, those who just enjoy reading my words or seeing my shoots, and those who I get to capture this year!! Here are those mom iPhone photos I mentioned… 😉 snapchat filters included!





(hangin’ out in the ole camper! William LOVES it)



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